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custom blend offerings 

Black and Tan-Offerings2.png
Black and Tan-Offerings.png

A great blend of four distinct growing regions made even better by 1/2 of the mix being medium roasted and 1/2 being French roasted. Makes a great, strong black coffee drink - lots of flavor, no burnt after taste. 

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FTO Espresso Extra Dark-offerings2.png

This Fair Trade Certified Organic Espresso Blend offers you a smooth, full bodied, flavorful wake up call with hint of caramel and strong overtones. Enjoy as a cappuccino, latte, French press or just straight up.

FTO Espresso Extra Dark-offerings.png
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Java Lava-offerings.png
Java Lava-offerings2.png

Java Lava is an eruption of flavor flowing from an India, Guatemala and Sumatra blend!  This is a medium and dark roast blend with a very smooth finish.

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Mocha Java-offerings2.png
Mocha Java-offerings.png

A classic blend of two distinctly different coffees.

You have the wonderful balance of African acidity, coupled

with the heavier bodied, earthy characteristics from Java, Indonesian. This is probably the world’s oldest coffee blend, originally blended from Mocha, Yemen beans (a growing region, not a chocolate) and Java beans from Indonesia.

Wake Up America-offerings.png
Wake Up America-offerings2.png

Similar to our Breakfast Blend, but with a shot of espresso to wake up America! 

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