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flavored offerings 

Sweet coconut and milk chocolate with just a kiss of hazelnut!

Angel's Kiss-Offerings2.png
Angel's Kiss-Offerings.png
maple bacon-offerings2.png
maple bacon-offerings.png

Welcome to your "breakfast in a cup!" It's all here - great coffee with the taste of fresh bacon and the hint of sweet maple syrup on your pancakes! Great aroma and flavor for all you bacon lovers!

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Caramel and Maple Swirl-Offerings.png
Caramel and Maple Swirl-Offerings2.png

An enticing aroma and flavor, combining sweet maple and delicious caramel.

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Caramel Kisses-Offerings.png
Caramel Kisses-Offerings2.png

A sweet treat with the taste of rich caramel and delicious chocolate! 

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Irish-Mocha Twist-Coffee Cake-offerings2
Irish-Mocha Twist-Coffee Cake-offerings.

A combination of two popular favorites, Irish Cream and rich dark, chocolate, make for a memorable after dinner drink. 

Cocoa Mocha Twist-offerings.png
Cocoa Mocha Twist-offerings2.png

This delicious combination of chocolate and mocha flavors taste like a rich hot chocolate mix combined with coffee. 

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Coffee Cake-offering.png
Coffee Cake-offering2.png

When you don't have time for both coffee and cake, get the sweet taste of both at one time in this flavorful, rich coffee.

Country Maple-Offerings.png
Country Maple-Offerings2.png

The sweet taste of old fashioned maple syrup combined with our smooth coffee. 

Creme Brulee-offering2.png
Creme Brulee-offering.png

Our Crème Brulee coffee is one of our customers' favorites. It has all the flavor of the classic caramel custard dessert and a wonderful aroma. 

English Toffee-offering.png
English Toffee-offering2.png

Fresh, buttery caramel combined with just the right amount of rum flavoring. 

Hazelnut Cream-offerings.png
Hazelnut Cream-offerings2.png

A delicious, creamy version of the classic hazelnut coffee. 

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Bringing the rich flavor of macadamia nut straight from Hawaii to your smooth, fresh roasted, gourmet coffee! 

Macadamia Nut-offerings.png
Macadamia Nut-offerings2.png