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Sweet coconut and milk chocolate with just a kiss of hazelnut!

Angel's Kiss-Offerings2.png
Angel's Kiss-Offerings.png
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maple bacon-offerings2.png
maple bacon-offerings.png

Welcome to your "breakfast in a cup!" It's all here - great coffee with the taste of fresh bacon and the hint of sweet maple syrup on your pancakes! Great aroma and flavor for all you bacon lovers!

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Bali Blue Moon-Offerings.png
Bali Blue Moon-Offerings2.png

Bali Blue Moon is a shade-grown, rain forest alliance certified, organic coffee offering a balanced flavor and unique taste found only in the Bali region. This coffee is grown in the Kintamani Highlands of Bali at an elevation of 4,200 - 5,600 feet above sea level, dried on mats

Black and Tan-Offerings2.png
Black and Tan-Offerings.png

A great blend of four distinct growing regions made even better by 1/2 of the mix being medium roasted and 1/2 being French roasted. Makes a great, strong black coffee drink - lots of flavor, no burnt after taste. 

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Caramel and Maple Swirl-Offerings.png
Caramel and Maple Swirl-Offerings2.png

An enticing aroma and flavor, combining sweet maple and delicious caramel.

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