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Costa Rican French Roast-offering.png
Costa Rican French Roast-offering2.png

This is SHB coffee (strictly hard bean) so it is grown above 3,900 feet and full of flavor. Taken to French Roast, this coffee becomes more chocolaty, with hints of caramel. 

Country Maple-Offerings.png
Country Maple-Offerings2.png

The sweet taste of old fashioned maple syrup combined with our smooth coffee. 

Creme Brulee-offering2.png
Creme Brulee-offering.png

Our Crème Brulee coffee is one of our customers' favorites. It has all the flavor of the classic caramel custard dessert and a wonderful aroma. 

English Toffee-offering.png
English Toffee-offering2.png

Fresh, buttery caramel combined with just the right amount of rum flavoring. 

FTO Espresso Extra Dark-offerings2.png

This Fair Trade Certified Organic Espresso Blend offers you a smooth, full bodied, flavorful wake up call with hint of caramel and strong overtones. Enjoy as a cappuccino, latte, French press or just straight up.

FTO Espresso Extra Dark-offerings.png
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