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Guatemalan Antigua-offerings.png
Guatemalan Antigua-offerings2.png

Nicaraguan coffee has distinctive flavor notes of sweet caramel apple and roasted peanut. It is a clean, mellow coffee. 

Hazelnut Cream-offerings.png
Hazelnut Cream-offerings2.png

A delicious, creamy version of the classic hazelnut coffee. 

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Java Estate-offerings.png
Java Estate-offerings2.png

From the gorgeous islands of Indonesia comes a delicate, sweet coffee grown in rich volcanic soil. Lower acidity and earthiness compared to a Sumatran coffee, while still keeping a full body and smooth finish. 

Java Lava-offerings.png
Java Lava-offerings2.png

Java Lava is an eruption of flavor flowing from an India, Guatemala and Sumatra blend!  This is a medium and dark roast blend with a very smooth finish.

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Kenyan coffee is known around the world as being some of the most meticulously processed coffee and that attention to its harvesting and processing pays off in a wonderfully complex coffee with fruity flavor notes and sweetness.


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