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A rich interpretation of the classic New Orleans dessert with the flavors of sweet caramel and nutty praline pecans, with a creamy top note.

Pralines and Cream-offerings.png
Pralines and Cream-offerings2.png
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Pumpkin Spice-offerings.png
Pumpkin Spice-offerings2.png

A fall favorite, this coffee is reminiscent of your Grandma's homemade pumpkin pie, with all of the spice overtones shining through.

Sea Salt Caramel-offerings.png
Sea Salt Caramel-offerings2.png

Rich caramel flavor with just a touch of sea salt! 

This coffee is similar in taste to Kenyan coffee, offering rich flavor with less acidity. Grown on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Peaberry coffee beans are special because there is only one coffee bean in the cherry, rather than the typical two.

Tanzanian Peaberry-offerings2.png
Tanzanian Peaberry-offerings.png
Tropicana Dreaming-offerings.png
Tropicana Dreaming-offerings2.png

You will go crazy over this delicious blend of island coffee (just a hint of Kahlua), sweet caramel and rich vanilla!  Makes a great dessert coffee! 

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Vanilla Hazelnut Cream-offerings.png
Vanilla Hazelnut Cream-offerings2.png

Combining two favorite coffee flavors, vanilla and hazelnut, you just can't go wrong! 

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Wake Up America-offerings.png
Wake Up America-offerings2.png

Similar to our Breakfast Blend, but with a shot of espresso to wake up America! 

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