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Bodéga Premium
Gift Baskets

Unwrap the Aroma of Joy with Bodéga Bean Co. Gift Baskets! 
Delight in the essence of carefully curated coffee and tea blends with our Bodéga Bean Co. gift baskets. Each basket is a treasure trove of our finest selections, designed to tantalize the taste buds and warm the heart. Whether it’s a treat for a loved one or a token of appreciation for a colleague, our gift baskets are the perfect gesture of gourmet generosity.
Indulge in the luxury of choice with a variety of flavors, from the bold and invigorating to the subtle and soothing. Paired with an assortment of gourmet popcorn and artisanal treats, our baskets are more than just a gift; they’re an experience.
Elevate gifting to an art form with Bodéga Bean Co. – where every sip tells a story.

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