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Our Oath

Bodega Bean Co. is a family-owned otherwise dedicated to providing the finest quality product offerings. With a passion for coffee and tea that runs through our veins, we ethically source the best beans from around the world and roast them to perfection. We also meticulously hand-select the finest tea leaves for maximum enjoyment. Our commitment to sustainability and fair trade ensures that every cup of Bodega coffee and tea not only tastes amazing but also supports the farmers who grow it. Join us on a journey of flavor and discover the true essence of coffee and tea.

Our Oath In Action


  • We source sustainably, proudly putting our name to coffees grown with the environment, community, and customer in mind.

  • We choose our coffees with great love and care. We have close relationships with producers all over the world.


  • We roast exclusively in Loring™ Smart Roasters, one of the most eco-friendly coffee roasters on Earth.

  • We've cut our emissions by up to 80% over other roasters in a smokeless roasting environment.

  • Our roast profiles are a collaborative effort. Spearheaded by our in-house Q-grader and Roastmaster, we're constantly cup tasting to ensure you're getting a superior product.


  • We nitrogen flush all our roasted bags and pods to keep your coffee fresh.

  • Our coffee pods are #5 recyclable as is the internal and external packaging. The filters and the coffee itself are compostable.

  • Our loose-leaf tea bags, tea pods, and tea boxes are also recyclable while the tea and pod filters are compostable, allowing a virtually waste-free experience.

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