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Coffee and Tea Collaboration with Primula Products

Updated: Jan 22

As a result of our shared love for all things coffee, we are proud to announce that Bodega has decided to collaborate with Primula Products in an effort to produce more amazing coffee content for our Instagram and Facebook.

Founded by Donte M. Martin and Mike T. Wisnoski, Bodega Bean Company is a high-quality coffee bean company that began with a goal of producing and developing flavorful roast profiles by using flavors imported from around the world. Their specialty roaster is located in Manchester, Tennessee, but they are based online so that you can order their coffee beans or organic tea and have it delivered directly to your doorstep.

When it comes to brewing these incredible beans, we've got you covered. Our favorite way to enjoy our Bodega Bean's specialty roasted beans is to cold brew them using the Primula Burke Cold Brew Maker. This cold brew maker is going to extract the unique and delicious flavor compounds that come directly from Bodega's beans. Don't just take our word for it, even the Today Show says, "When it comes to cold brew, this coffee maker came out on top."

Never used a cold brew maker before? Don't worry, click here for step-by-step directions that will have you instantly loving your homemade cold brew coffee.

In addition to their roasted coffee beans, Bodega Bean Company has also provided Primula with some of their organic loose leaf teas. These organic teas are whole leaf, which means that the tea contains the absolute most flavor notes. We believe that the best way to drink and appreciate these organic teas is by infusing them. Our favorite tea infuser as of right now is the Primula Flavor-It Pitcher. This pitcher can make up to 2.9 Qt. of tea and also works perfect with smaller amounts.

The following coffees and teas are our top sellers that we sent to Primula Products to use for their social media posts.

Bodega Bean Co. Ground Coffees:

Bodega Bean Co. Loose Leaf Teas:

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